Source of energy healing

Zenith Omega

25 USD
Zenith Omega™ is an ancient energy healing system, which uses colour, light, and sacred geometry to release energy blocks from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of an individual.
Zenith Omega is designed to clear ALL blockages, this color energy infiltrates into all of the energy fields that surround the body, where the energy begins to release issues and stagnant patterns-blockages-that have been stored, programmed, or encoded there. With the cleared fields of energy, the mind begins to see through illusionary issues and stagnant patterns, and can now make choices from a more realistic aspect, rather than through false illusions, fear, anger, ego, greed and guilt, one or more of those debilitating and crippling dis-eases.
Once Zenith Omega has cleansed your field, the pure energy flowing from source, again moves through you as intended. The brain and heart centers reconnect. Your mind becomes alive with the truth of who you are. Your life becomes centered. You become aware of a sense of wholeness and effectiveness; your purpose becomes clear as you move forward along the path of your choice.
You will benefit from:
An increased feeling and sense of well-being
Clarity of ideas and purpose
More self-confidence and personal power
Greater insight into yourself and others
Physical healing\Expansive abilities
Restoration of joy and laughter in life
Better communication and understanding in relationships
Feeling balanced and centred in a forever deepening experience of love.

ASK, Believe and Receive - Distance Healing with Zenith Omega
Zenith Omega is an energy healing modality that can be utilized in abscentia or from a distance.  As an experienced Zenith Omega practitioner, healer and scentient being I place my purpose on another far away and because spiritual energy is not bounded by space or time my physical presence is not necessary to help you. 
As a certified practitioner I am available and provides a total service of Love and Light to provide you with clearings in Zenith Omega. I facilitate clearings in person or long distance.

Efter purchase, please contact me through PayPal email with the following information: Your name, city where you live and your preferred time and date for a distance healing session.

Please describe  what you would like me to focus on a certain situation in your life that needs healing or physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues.
 If you order healing for someone else please enter personal details thanks.

Healing/energy is not intended to replace the services of a trained health professional or to be a substitute for medical advice from doctors.

If you have any questions before, during or after the session-please do not hesitate to ask. I am more than happy to help in any way I can. 
Sessions are 60 min in length