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White Light Healing

14 USD
White light healing is a very old method of cleansing and renewing energy
The White Light is a gentle yet powerful healing energy. It transforms all ‘negativity’ or negative situations into positive ones, therefore creating health, prosperity, happiness, success and beauty for all those who work with it.

The White Light is also called the ‘ultimate harmonizer’, because it brings everything into perfect balance. People who use the White Light experience profound peace and harmony in their lives.

The White Light can be used to heal or change any condition or problem in your life that is troubling you, such as:

weight gain
poor digestion
bad skin‘letting go’ of any habits that are not good for you
attracting the ‘perfect solution’ for your problems
igniting your creativity
finding your dream job
finding your ideal life partner
creating harmony in your home life
The list is endless… You can really use it for anything.
The White Light, a powerful Spiritual Energy
Besides being an incredible help with healing physical ailments and creating your ideal life,  the White Light is also a spiritual energy, which:
cleanses and strengthens all of your chakras
clears your home and your work place of negativity
unlocks your natural healing abilities
unlocks your inherent psychic abilities
connects you with your soul
shows you how to live a life of authenticity
helps you discover and live your life’s purpose
Living a majestic life not only means enjoying the bounties our modern, physical life, it also means living our life in alignment with our souls.
The White Light looks after your external and internal life, making sure that you are living majestically, like a modern day mystic.

Everybody experiences the White Light differently but most people say they feel relaxed and well. Many people feel a tingly sensation that runs throughout their entire body. Others feel waves of energy passing through their body or warmth or coolness, and some see the White Light entering their energy field through the head.
You can expect to feel balanced, peaceful and clear because the White Light grounds you and balances and strengthens your chakras.
Some people do feel nothing when they receive the White Light but notice afterwards that they feel more relaxed and balanced.
If you feel nothing, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean it isn’t working for you.
After Purchase: Please contact me through paypal with the following information:
Your full name, birthday, and the city and country where you live.
Your Healing Wish. You simply type your wish for your free healing into the field.
Your preferred time (e.g. mornings, afternoons, or evenings) and date for a distance healing session.

Distance Session White Light Healing 1 hour 14 USD