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Twin Flame Email Reading

30 USD
Twin Flames, also known as Twin Souls are literally the other half of your soul. We were all create as one complete soul, one male and one female. We were split and separated on different paths to reincarnated time and time again to gather human experiences before reuniting and coming back together.

Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. It is your soul mission to become more balanced with the male and female energies and fulfilling soul purposes before reuniting with your Twin Flame.

Soulmates are a part of our soul family. We have many lifetimes and experiences with Soulmates. Soulmates helps us learn life lessons, grow and evolve. Soulmates also help us create and dissipate energy and karma. Soulmate connections are also very important soul relationships that have an important soul purpose in our lives.

The reunion of Twin flames is the reunion of two whole and complete beings Twin souls, the ultimate soul connection and relationship.

This reading will reveal in-depth insights about your connection with your Twin flame. On physical, emotional and Spiritual levels.

This reading can answer questions such as;

Is He/She my Twin flame?

Will I meet my Twin flame in this life?

What blockages or Spiritual interferences are keeping you apart?

Are we ready to reunite?

Why did we come together then separate?

Why did they run away?

How can I improve our connection and/or our relationship?

After making your purchase please message me with the following to receive your reading;

1. Your First Name and your picture 
2. Date of birth
3. Place of birth
4. Your question
5. Your email address to send your Twin flame reading.

If you are asking about a specific person you know, please also INCLUDE there name  picture and date of birth as well.