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Spell for Everything....Love,career,heath,energy,luck,protection,money,and power

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Spell for Everything....Love,career,heath,energy,luck,protection,money,and power distance spell

You are bid for shamanic candle ritual spell 7777xxxx powerful, I will work under your name for 7 days and 7 nights with 7 spirits to bring all you want, money, love, passion, new job, protection, good luck , new opportunities health and abundance , this spell is for everything all your wishes come true.
You will be able to tell me what you would like me to focus on (a certain situation in your life)
I need your name and date of birth and picture

Important Statement:
The magic begins when you are absolutely certain that you will wrap in light ...... only those who believe in the invisible can do the impossible, a reality,a miracle.
My maximum Psychic desire was always to make people dreams come true.
Specially from the ones that need more help,
who feel desolate,disappointment,hopelessness ,of a life with many obstacles. And not only help them pass these obstacles but also transform their lives ..... even in the most difficult and complicated cases.

The magic for me is the divine energy flowing naturally in the growth and transformation of a life. Manifesting into reality. Creating a miracle.I use all my natural and gifted powers , my psyche, the Reiki Masters, the laws of atracction and nature, methapysical secrets, and all my knowledge of the unseen world to create magic and miracles.
The intentions have to be good and positive.
I only work in week days...
The person has to open his/her spirit to a spiritual connection.

Manipulation is not used under any circumstances.
Negative attitudes do not contribute to the activation of a spiritual ritual session, distant healing, psychic reading, spell or transmitting energy.
There must be respect for the laws of the universe, the divine law.
If you disagree , if you don't feel identified with my words or simply looking for something different, please do not buy from my listings.

By the law: only for 18 years or more and for entertainment purposes only.

Do you have questions before your purchase, please contact me