Source of energy healing

Silver Violet Flame Reiki

20 USD
The Silver Violet Flame Reiki is a high frequency spiritual energy.
Silver Violet Flame Reiki has been known to spiritual adepts for thousands of years. It was re-introduced by the Ascended Master, Saint Germain, and is the seventh ray of the Universe’s consciousness.

The Silver Violet Flame is for those who hear the call of community or spiritual service to mankind, and it also provides the wisdom needed to overcome the selfishness in our lives.

The Silver Violet Flame Reiki possesses the qualities of freedom, alchemy, justice, joy, forgiveness and mercy. As a result, the Silver Violet Flame transmute anything negative that is lodged within our spiritual or physical being, including everything from self-hatred to physical viruses.
By invoking the Silver Violet Flame healing we will feel lighter and less burdened since it literally consumes the cause of our personal problems. In other words, the Silver Violet Flame Reiki clears the records of past lifetimes, thereby raising our self-esteem and helping us to be happy with ourselves.
 1 Hour distance session 20 USD
3 Hours distance session 30 USD