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Silver Reiki Deep Cleaning

19 USD
Silver Reiki Deep Cleaning

                                               Ask, Believe ,Receive Healing

The Silver Reiki energy system is designed to release negativity, stress, fear and depression, and to provide general healing as needed. It is a popular session, which many have found very helpful.

Silver Reiki labor adjustment goes through a backbone,deep cleaning of the spine and removes blockerinagar in the body and protects the person from negative view of society. Removes stress, depression, cures fear.Removes stress, depression, cures fears. There is a condition of ease and it would be desirable to operate. Sensation of constant inflating by energy. Repeatedly increases and condenses a biofield, works on diseases and gradually cures them. The majority of people are shown extrasensory abilities and the latent talents.

Healing is a process, not an Event.

Each healing experience is unique to the individual. We all have varying levels of sensitivity, so some people may experience many sensations during a healing, whilst others may enjoy the peace and relaxation.

Arranging Distant Healing for Others:

I am often asked about arranging a distance healing session for someone else. It might be a loved one (spouse, parent, child, etc) or someone that you have heard about that you would like to gift this to. This is a wonderful offering. Unlike some other healing modalities, the distance healing does not need to be permission based. So, it is absolutely possible to arrange for a distance healing session for someone you care about without their permission. If you would like to tell them that you are arranging this for them, then I can contact them via e-mail to set up a specific time for the distance healing session. If you are giving this to them anonymously, you and I will arrange for the session and I will communicate with you about when I have it completed. Healing time varies from person to person.

After purchase Please contact me  with the following information: Your name, city where you live and your preferred time and date for a distance healing session.Please describe what you want me to focus on during your session. If you order healing for someone else please enter personal details thanks.

Healing/energy is not intended to replace the services of a trained health professional or to be a substitute for medical advice from doctors.

If you have any questions before, during or after the session-please do not hesitate to ask. I am more than happy to help in any way I can.
1 hour Distance session