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Reiki Space Clearing for your Home-Office

27 USD
The term Space Clearing refers to the art of cleansing and consecrating spaces by removing negative energy.It is a powerful and highly effective technique for clearing and revitalizing homes and businesses.Just as cleaning your house keeps the physical space looking
and feeling nice to live in, Reiki Space Clearing makes the energetic space you live in feel clean and fresh, therefore promoting health and healing.
Making a house your home
Ever sense that something isn’t quite right with your home? You may find yourself moving furniture and pictures around a lot, or redecorating, but are still unable to get your space to feel right. Why? Sometimes people have left their previous dwelling (now your home!) for reasons that involve pain, suffering, regret and other negative emotions. Maybe the energy of someone passed on remains behind. Or perhaps your home has witnessed some turmoil in your own life such as a divorce, a grievous argument, or a death. Whatever the reason, clearing these and other ‘stuck’ energies can relieve you from the distress of past trauma and the pain of other people’s lives. It’s also a good idea to refresh your house before bringing an innocent and sensitive new baby home!
Our experiences not only shape our memory but they also leave their mark in our living environment. Even after a long time, positive, as well as negative imprints, can remain present in our surroundings. We perceive these subtle qualities and consciously or subconsciously respond to them with a feeling of ease or discomfort. We are receptive to energy, even when we do not consciously realize it. When we enter a house, an apartment or an office, we immediately feel either relaxed or uncomfortable. Every room has its own particular energy that resonates with us. Living spaces act like a mirror that shows us whether we live in harmony with ourselves and with our environment or whether we are being affected by interferences that we might not even be aware of. In such cases, Reiki Space Clearing is very helpful.
Benefits of Reiki Space Clearing
Reiki Space Clearing is helpful for keeping energy in balance and promotes the flow of positive energy. The removal of blockages caused by negative energy leads to:
* Peace and Calmness
* Balance and Harmony
* Happiness and Laughter
* Health and Healing
* Success and Prosperity
When you clear your home, you are clearing your life! Provide yourself, your environment, your life and your work with the highest level of positive energy possible. This service will:
Clear all unwanted/negative energies from your work/living space
Cleanse the energy
Affirm/reaffirm your intent and purpose for the area you’ve created
Bless the space and persons occupying the space
Result: your surroundings will be energetically aligned and the energy cleared and optimized for you!
Consider having this type of energy work done:
* If you have been feeling stuck or hopeless about some aspect of your life. (This can be either personal or professional)
* When a project you are working on isn't moving forward.
* When you have moved into a new home or business.
* When you are planning to build a commercial or residential building.
* When you are planning to sell your home.
* When you have acquired antiques or old artifacts.
* When you have had an illness in the household.
* When there have been arguments.
* When you have been experiencing a period of stress or anxiety, to clear those vibrations from your space.
* When you want your home to have a clean and welcoming energy for you and your visitors.
* Any time you feel the need for fresh energy in your life.
How can a home be a sanctuary and place of harmony for ourselves and our families if it is clogged with the history of sicknesses we have gone through, tears we have shed, arguments we have fought and sadness we have endured and not just our own turmoil but also that left by previous occupants, year after year, layer upon layer, embedded into the walls. The Reiki Space Clearing session helps to remove stagnant energy in a home or business to improve health, relationships, finances etc.
Science has proved that everything in the Universe and beyond is comprised of energy which is constantly flowing, changing and affecting all areas of our lives. Energy levels in the places we live, work, shop and socialize can have far-reaching effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Also, in order for prosperity to be achieved, pure energy needs to flow.
After purchase, please contact me through   with the following information: Your name, city where you live and your preferred time and date for a distance Energetic Clearing.Please describe why you are requesting it to be cleared.
Distance Energetic Clearing  3 hours