Source of energy healing

Reiki healing for your pets

10 USD
Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal or Spiritually Guided
Life Force Energy". It is a revived non-invasive ancient method of hands-on-healing.  
REI means “universal” and refers also to the spiritual dimension and the soul.  
KI means the vital life force energy, which flows through all that is alive.  
Reiki energy is whole, not dual.  It is, therefore, neither positive nor negative, but rather is the combination of these qualities.
Reiki energy is an extremely powerful calming energy.  It is one of the few forms of healing that can be used to heal oneself.  Reiki does not conflict with other health-care, but enhances its results.  It does not interfere with traditional medical treatment, but facilitates benefits.  Reiki speeds the calming process, and provides a source of tranquil energy while one is ill, under medical treatment, or in recovery.

Reiki is ideal with animals because it's noninvasive and gentle.  It's a calming relief for stress, discomfort, and pain and can yield some positively powerful results.  Animals respond intuitively to Reiki energy to heal emotional, behavioral, and physical injuries and illnesses.

Distance Reiki healing  (or distant Reiki) offers the same holistic benefits as in-person Reiki - spiritual, physical and emotional.  Distance Reiki healing can also become beneficial to family members who are involved with your animal and in helping humans with the process of your animal's healing from sickness or injury or even their death.  Distance Reiki healing can also be helpful for animals who have experienced trauma in their past and is often helpful for new adoptees or fosters.  Results with distance Reiki healing can be seen typically within 24-48 hours.  Some issues may involve regular sessions to complete the healing process - sometimes, the results are immediate and need only one session
Distance Reiki healing sessions are 10 USD each 1 hour.  Together, we can create the best Reiki experience for you and your beloved pet.  

Please read Animal Reiki Disclaimer: 
Animal Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary care and treatment.  If your pet is bleeding, has been hit by a vehicle, a heavy object or fallen from a height (bleeding or not), can't move, hasn't pooped or peed for 24 hours, is vomiting, has green mucus coming out of their nose or eyes, hasn't eaten in 48 hours or drank for 24 hours, is pooping or spitting blood, is breathing oddly, has a bloated belly, has a limb that is at an odd angle or severed, cries when touched or picked up, YOU MUST SEE A VET IMMEDIATELY!!!  

1 hour distance session 10 USD
3 hours distance session 20 USD
7 hours distance session 50 USD