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Receiving a Remote Twin Flame Healing

23 USD
Receiving a Remote Twin Flame Healing is a convenient way to experience DIVINE healing to heal your Twin Flame connection without leaving the comfort of your own home. We are all connected by "Universal Energy" time and space make no difference when it comes to energy healing, absent healing is just as powerful and effective as sessions conducted in person. I begin by connecting with your Spirits Guides. I will be connecting with your Soul and your Twin Soul (Twin Flame) I then connect with the Violet flame healing energy which comes down from the universe into my Crown Chakra that I will DIRECT and SEND to you and your Twin flame during the session. Filling your Twin flame connection with healing vibrations that can last for days after the session. This healing session will help heal and balance your Twin flame connection which will help release suppressed emotions and any conflicting energies that are keeping you and your Twin flame from reuniting and/or from sharing a healthy and balanced relationship together. Your Spirit Guides and Healer guides will be present, assisting me the entire time of the healing session. Your Spirit guides will direct me to the area that needs to be focused on and they will fill my energetic field with HIGH HEALING VIBRATIONS to direct to you and your Twin flame

After Purchase: Please contact me  with the following information:
Your full name, and the city and country where you live.
Your twin flames date of birth if you've already met them.
Your preferred time and date for a distance healing session.
Distance session 60 min  BUY ONE GET ONE