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Purple Prosperity Reiki 7 days and 7 nights

77 USD
Purple Prosperity Reiki

Purple Prosperity Reiki connects you the Infinite Intelligence Source – Spirit—and to your higher self as well as the energies of purple and prosperity. This system works to raise your vibration to a higher energy of prosperity in which negative influences can no longer interfere or block your flow of money. Purple Prosperity helps transmute your negative money issues into pure powerful positive energies that draw prosperity and steady cash flow. It is easy to use this system, and you can connect quickly for a burst of energy to help with any money issue.

I WANT work under your name for 7 days and 7 nights with my angels Michael Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, RAZIEL.CHAMUEL and meta purpose of the 7-day treatment program is to create a new framed manifesting abundance of money. You can choose your focus to be money
I need your name and DOB to begin 7 days Purple Prosperity Reiki