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Psychic Protection Flame PDF file &Distance session

25 USD
This listing is for Psychic Protection Flame pdf manual which will be available  after purchase. I will send the manual to your e-mail and one hour Distance Psychic Protection Flame Session

The Psychic Protection Flame is designed to not only protect the individual from psychic attack, but
repair the individual’s spiritual immune system each time the flame is activated. In this way, the
Psychic Protection Flame provides immediate relief from current psychic attacks, and long-term protection thanks to the strengthening of the spiritual immune system as well.
Psychic attack can be very devastating and left unchecked, result in the following:
Bad “Luck”
Job Loss
Money Problems
In the case of illness, psychic attacks can open up the recipient’s energy system to energetic
contamination. Deep contamination can cause long-term chronic illness such as Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Sclerosis. (Not all illnesses are caused by outside psychic
attack. Cancer is often the result of the individual psychically attacking themselves.)