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Past Life Healing with the Angels

25 USD
Past Life Healing helps release you from the pain and limitation of stubborn ailments, mysterious afflictions, and puzzling phobias, all of which were actually acquired during previous incarnations. It also assist you in cutting harmful karmic ties and breaking old, self-limiting vows.

Eternal Soul

There is only one life to the soul; therefore, prior incarnations still influence and affect you today. Your eternal soul remembers your previous incarnations on both a subconscious and super-conscious level. That means whatever happened in the past can still haunt you in the present, no matter how long ago the injury occurred.

Karma Healing with the Angels

Working with Archangels Raziel, Michael and Raphael I will travel back in time to significant past lives in order to help release karmic ties in the form of fears, phobias, judgments, biases and other emotional baggage from these previous incarnations. Through a combination of karma healing, wisdom and understanding, this process can help you to heal stubborn and seemingly mysterious afflictions.

The Past is Happening Now

Angels and energy healing are not restricted by time and space. The past, present and future happen concurrently, so no timeline or event is beyond the scope of healing. The angels are able to heal you in both the past and present simultaneously.

Healing Process: Lucid Dream Healing

While in a lucid dream state, I  facilitate your healing along with your higher selves, angels and guides.
I will remotely view your energy field to locate disturbances in your aura and chakra system.

After purchase, please contact me with the following information:Your name, city where you live and your preferred time and date for a distance healing session.

Distance Session Past Life Healing with the Angels
2 hours session 25 USD
4 hours session 50 USD 
6 hours session 75 USD