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Inner Stregnth Reiki

16 USD

´╗┐Inner Stregnth Reiki is a special reiki energy designed to connect the recipient with the strength of their own spirit. It can be helpful for those who are overwhelmed, depressed, lethargic or feeling stuck or blocked in any way. It helps release fear and provide new inspiration for tackling the problems of life. It is especially helpful for those who feel alone and afraid that they cannot do it alone.

Inner Strength Reiki works primarily with the third chakra, which is the center of our personal power. The third chakra is where we develop good boundaries and the ability to say no.

Located at the base of the sternum, this center in our chakra system resonates with integrity, self-discipline and personal strength. It helps us overcome inertia and functions as our 'storage battery' for the strength we need to get through tough times without compromising our values.

A strongly developed third chakra allows us to free ourselves from a sheep-like submission to authority and gives us the courage to follow our intuition without fearing for our own safety. With a well developed center of personal power, we know we are strong enough to take care of ourselves.

We damage our third chakra when we smolder with repressed anger, go along with a crowd when it violates our sense of integrity, criticize others refuse to admit we are wrong and wish our lives different without taking any action to change circumstances.

An underdevloped chakra will show in poor self-esteem, a tendancy to lie, inertia in the face of situations that call for action, staying in unhealthy relationships and living in fear of life in general.

Inner Strength Reiki not only balances the energy of the third chakra but it integrates it with the other chakras so you have more 'oomph' behind everything you do.

This is an excellent energy to work with if you are starting a new business venture or putting yourself out to the public in any way. It is also good to use if you are in a negative relationship and need the strength to leave.

The energy works to balance ou the entire chakra system and as such cannot overcharge the third chakra. So use as often as needed. It ultimately connects the individual with their soul power.

Healing is the energy awakening of the Universal seeds of Love that are in each one of us. there are a few things to keep in mind.. healing is a process, not an event.

You don't get what you want, you get what you need. a physical illness may be connected to an emotional trauma or vise versa. so, when you begin your healing journey, you may need to heal other areas of your life first in order to heal the main issue.

what you are dealing with right now might be something you have come into this life to experience. it might be a soul contract or something you set up. and your soul's goal, no matter how difficult, and challenging, is not to eradicate the challenge but to learn and grow. Your whole being receives healing, something that you cannot direct or have control over.

Arranging Distant Healing for Others:

I am often asked about arranging a distance healing session for someone else. It might be a loved one (spouse, parent, child, etc) or someone that you have heard about that you would like to gift this to. This is a wonderful offering. Unlike some other healing modalities, the distance healing does not need to be permission based. So, it is absolutely possible to arrange for a distance healing session for someone you care about without their permission. If you would like to tell them that you are arranging this for them, then I can contact them via e-mail to set up a specific time for the distance healing session. If you are giving this to them anonymously, you and I will arrange for the session and I will communicate with you about when I have it completed. Healing time varies from person to person.

After purchase, please contact me with the following information: Your name, city where you live and your preferred time and date for a distance healing session.

Healing/energy is not intended to replace the services of a trained health professional or to be a substitute for medical advice from doctors.

If you have any questions before, during or after the session-please do not hesitate to ask. I am more than happy to help in any way I can.

 1 hour Distance session 15 USD