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DNA Activation of the full 12 strand DNA Distance.Healing

65 USD
DNA Activation distance session

I want to help you to activate as much of your inactive potential locked away in inactive DNA. I want to help you feel more balanced and help to purify your body, emotions and thoughts. The double helix DNA is the chemical basis of the full 12 strand DNA blueprint that is part of the current human incarnation.

The benefits of DNA activation are:

Abundance & Prosperity
Release of Unconscious Genetic & Karmic Patterns
Physical Body Embraces More Vitality
Unconditional Self-Love
Hidden Talents & Abilities Surface
Heightened Creativity – Improved Memory
More Improvements to Health – Toxin Discharge
Sense of Peace and Oneness To All That Is
Your Immune System is Further Strengthened
Additional Cell Regeneration
More Clarity, Focus & Increased Brain Capacity
Greater Love for Others & Better Relationships
Understanding and Fulfillment of your Life Purpose
Synchronicity & Signs Come To You
Emergence of undiscovered talents
Increase of energy and clarity in your life
Strengthening of immume system
Release of emotions and patterns that were blecked in your physical body
Use more of your brain (science says we only use less than 5% of our brain. Why?!)
Increased contact with your Higher Self
Clearing individual and family karma
Increase resonance in your cells
Be able to accrete more light and information in your Light body
Increased need for water DNA Activation healing
Purification and detoc of your body
Less need for food
Lucid dreams
Increased energy
Easier healing of the body
Faster manifestations
Mental: Attract soul mates
Attract sould family
Release past relationships and people inner awareness :DNA Activation healing
Increased capacity to look at yourself in honesty
Find answers that are true and tested for you
Transform insecurity into knowing

Be yourself and speak your truth.

6 hours session 65 USD
After purchase, please contact me through PayPal email with the following information: Your name, city where you live and your preferred time and date for a distance healing session.

Healing/energy is not intended to replace the services of a trained health professional or to be a substitute for medical advice from doctors.