Source of energy healing

Archangel Michael Grace

15 USD
Archangel Michael offers us spiritually as well as physically. He gives us strength and courage; he is a support for us if we lack direction in life. Do you feel like driving in your life?

Do you miss the creative thoughts, nothing really want to go further. He appears not only in the higher spheres, but is very much involved at all levels of development on Earth.
If you feel forgotten Archangel Michael will help get you back on track and guide you step by step clear and positive.

Initiation of Archangel Michael is a divine and powerful energy, Archangel Michael can help you get easier to fulfill your life's purpose in a divine way, clear your negativity, protect, and guide you. This initiation is recommended cutting divorced for those who need grace and feeling alone with many problems. Archangel Michael will help you smooth out your life's path and guide you so that you become safer and safer to go through life.
Initiation help you develop understand his message and communication with him. I offer you to connect with the world in Archangelsk and send supporting the Archangel energy.
Please contact me through paypal with the following information:
Your full name, birthday, and the city and country where you live. 

Your preferred time (e.g. mornings, afternoons, or evenings) and date for a distance healing session. 

Sessions are 60 min in length, during which time you will be asked to relax and receive the
Healing is not intended to replace the services of a trained health professional or to be a substitute for medical advice from doctors.

1 hour distance session