Source of energy healing


I am passionate Energy Healer. Being in the service of others is my pride, my joy and my purpose in Life. I am empathetic and very intuitive. My greatest wish is for everyone to be happy and feel good. God has blessed me with many gifts and I am here to help all feel well

It is important to know about energy It is a good idea to drink lots of water as this will help with the cleansing. A sea salt bath is also very cleansing and beneficial. You may experience various physical sensations in your body during, after and in the days following your healing. There may very well be changes on a emotional and psychological level as well. Awareness on all levels of your being plays an important part in achieving wellness, so observe yourself, your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, symptoms and concerns.
Energy healing are not about bringing an instant cure, and I does not promise a cure. These healing sessions are about restoring balance and releasing blocks and imbalances in your energy that cause dis-ease and unwanted emotions, so that your body, mind and spirit are in harmony.

Specific energy healing for You, for all the world Love & Light  Fatima